The Frozen North

Session 3

We are home

  • The party returned to Yartar and discovered that the government has changed in the time they had been gone, as such they had trouble getting into the city.
  • When they got into the city they discovered that there guild had completely collapsed, all that was left was the bartender and the Tipsy Tavern
  • They talked to the new waterbaron Nestra Ruthioland where given two tasks: (1) to go north and deal with a set of goblins tribes that are attacking because of the collapse of the players guild in order to free up some Lords Alliance troops, (2) investigate the former waterbarons death.
  • It was agreed that for completing the first task the guild would receive 50,000 gold and an amount of land to develop.
  • The players travel north and discover the lords alliance troops who they piss off right away. These troops leave leaving 300 behind.
  • A group of goblins attacked, however, upon relizing that they weren’t being fired upon they parlayed and agreed to have peace as long as the player provided a champion to fight the other tribes champion and solve the conflict.
  • Mason’s character fought and defeated a demon after Puss poisoned it making peace between the tribes and solving the problem between the tribes. The players then returned to Yartar.



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