The Frozen North

Session 3
We are home
  • The party returned to Yartar and discovered that the government has changed in the time they had been gone, as such they had trouble getting into the city.
  • When they got into the city they discovered that there guild had completely collapsed, all that was left was the bartender and the Tipsy Tavern
  • They talked to the new waterbaron Nestra Ruthioland where given two tasks: (1) to go north and deal with a set of goblins tribes that are attacking because of the collapse of the players guild in order to free up some Lords Alliance troops, (2) investigate the former waterbarons death.
  • It was agreed that for completing the first task the guild would receive 50,000 gold and an amount of land to develop.
  • The players travel north and discover the lords alliance troops who they piss off right away. These troops leave leaving 300 behind.
  • A group of goblins attacked, however, upon relizing that they weren’t being fired upon they parlayed and agreed to have peace as long as the player provided a champion to fight the other tribes champion and solve the conflict.
  • Mason’s character fought and defeated a demon after Puss poisoned it making peace between the tribes and solving the problem between the tribes. The players then returned to Yartar.
Session 4
Discovering a cult
  • The beginning of the session consisted of the party setting up their 24 square miles of land. They build a 2 story stone house and started clearing land for a town center, bought a barge and sent it up the Surbin to collect the remaining troops on the laughing flow and bring them back.
  • The party did some investigating about the former waterbaron before meeting with the current one, they discovered that when the new waterbaron took over a new guard captain took over as well and the old captain was expelled. They discovered that the gaurds thought the Hands of Yartar killed him, more specifically Aramil Erdon. They discovered that for about a month people have been seen with red robes and painting symbols of orcas on things including the temple of Kelemvor.
  • The bring all this up to the waterbaron who claims that she has never seen any of these reports, she said she hadn’t. She gave the players her authority to investigate these claims when they convinced her they might be true.
  • At this point Tortuga, tal and mason, split off to interview gaurds and Puss and Yoda went off to investigate a warehouse puss had reported to her as a possible hideout of orcas.
  • The three guard investigators discovered that reports have been made by the lower level guards but weren’t being passed up the chain of command. The interviewed the captain of the guard Adrik Ironfist under a zone of truth and discovered that a certain guard named Frath wasn’t passing on reports and had disapeared that morning.
  • Yoda and Puss explored the warehouse discovering the cults hidout, they tried to kidnap a member and failed and after a series of events had to pretend to join the cult. In doing this they gained a copy of a book of orca.
  • The party reuinited in the cults hideout and burned the altar found there, everyone except puss then went to the captain of the guard to report what happened.
  • The gaurds and the warforges went to confront the cult and discovered that the entire set of warehouses around the cult hideout had been set on fire.
  • The party is now scheduled to meet with the waterbaron.
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